Bake Sales Galore!

For our end of year exhibition we are all expected to sign up for groups that work towards it (advertisement, catalogue design, fundraising etc.) I decided I was probably most useful doing fundraising. To raise money for our exhibition, this year we have held a few bake sales, which have all been pretty successful. The … More Bake Sales Galore!

Promotional Material

With another sale on the website it has made me conscious of the different types of art that I do. the work that I create in the studio in University is contemporary, uses video  and photography in a way that some have expressed as ‘a moving painting’. This work is not about being aesthetically pleasing. … More Promotional Material

Tattoos of Art

It is well known that the evolution of tattoos have caused them to become much more popular throughout recent years. They have become so popular that they are now classed as an art form. They take skill and precision and while fads come and go (small finger tattoos and watercolours seem to be most popular at the … More Tattoos of Art

What Next?

Thinking about the fact that after this year I will have to go ‘into the real world’ and be a responsible adult, terrifies me. I’ve gone through the process of getting a normal job, and working in places that I hated, those types of jobs just aren’t for me. This is why I am  even more determined to be … More What Next?