Michael Bennett AKA Henry Pulp

By far one of the most entertaining Lecturers we’ve had come speak to us. Pulp is a graphic designer/Band Member/ Brand Manager. It’s safe to say he has a lot on his plate. Although his Lecture was a little confusing it was really interesting. Being in a band he has toured in many different countries. This is what he said was his dream.

He made it clear that one of the most important decisions he made was to create a brand. His was called ‘Milk’. The logo was everywhere he was (quite literally, as he has it tattooed on his neck) and before long, people were recognising the logo before him. it became the thing that helped him keep up with money. This was originally a brand for a graphic design company to almost like a party planning.

He told us about how him and a collective of people set up a studio in Liverpool which operated as an artist’s studio a dance studio and a place for bands to practice, this eventually turned into a place for gigs, which got more and more popular. after a while this was shut down and they went back to being broke.

Then he was approached by a woman called Jane Casey who saw how they would do the gigs and loved the idea soย offered them a warehouse to do the same thing, it was bigger and better.

After this, he set up Constellations, which is a collection of Beer Gardens to hold events. Which seemed like a really nice environment. This is what he is still doing now.

He has said that the three things to remember are;

  1. Collective
  2. Versatility
  3. Brand

I feel like his lecture has been an interesting insight into the life of someone living their dream.



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