Business Cards – What? Where? How?

Being Terrible with technology, I cringe at the thought of trying to create a business card. It would be so easy to just use the templates from some of these printing companies however I think as a student doing a creative degree, I think it would be almost frowned upon if I were to take the easy route. I would be lying if I said I didn’t take an interest to this method though.

VistaPrint was my favourite, this was mainly due to being a site that I have heard of and their use of metallic colours (love these!) however I was put off once I saw the price; £18+ for only 100 cards – this was discounted too! I did attempt to ‘build’ my own on their website which was particularly frustrating as I could not find a suitable background image. I wanted an image that represented both of the types of art I do, which both include some sort of fluidity. All the images I tried were either too dark, blurry or just didn’t have that ‘look’. I gave up after about an hour of just trying different images.

I did attempt different sites, but they were lesser known and were more expensive than VistaPrint.

A few days after, I was expressing my difficulty with the process to other students, when they recommended trying the print shop on main campus. (I had no idea this place even existed) They informed me that they print professional looking business cards at a much lower cost. The only problem was that you had to create them on Photoshop – and I have no idea how to use it.

Nevertheless I attempted it. It took a while but a successful looking business card is in the pipelines. The background image ended up being a quick loose watercolour painting I created and scanned in to my laptop.

I will update once I get them printed, hopefully on Monday.




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