Rosalind Davis – Guest lecturer

Rosalind Davis is a fine artist that works at Collyer Bristow. What I understood from her lecture was to just get out there, go to all the exhibitions, galleries and art fairs even if you aren’t displaying work, you can meet some important people there. You never know where you will meet people who will help you on your way to becoming an established artist. You need to ‘seize opportunities’.

On the other end of it, you need to be inviting galleries, curators and other artists to see the exhibitions you are involved in, and if they do come to see, talk to them, be open with them and be friendly, because it will go a long way, they will more likely want to work with friendly, involved kind of people, rather than people that just put up their work and sit in a corner and wait for people to talk to them.

Davis also made a point about keeping in touch with the people you have met or worked with, as this way they will not forget about when planning the next art event. Also, she told us the importance of having a twitter for your art as someone can easily retweet your tweet and statistically it is more likely to reach more people than Instagram where the element of reposting is not as common or as easy.

Finally, one of the most important pieces of information she gave to us (in my opinion) is to make sure you get business cards. As this is their way of contacting you if they ever thought of you for an art event. thy might take it, and keep it with the rest and it could be two years later and they could think ‘oh, that artist would really work for this!’ and they will have the card with your information on it. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately, as I have started to see the importance of them (plus, I have been speaking to my peers and many have some ready for the exhibition). I think the next step is to get some sorted.



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