Negotiated Practice – Complete!

So this time last week I was completing the final stages of the paintings in the car park. The paintings themselves look quite impressive from an outsiders point of view, however, like all projects, there were some obstacles.

The first one being the facts that on the top floor I completed the image that was supposed to be on that floor before realising I painted it in the wrong colour. (Just in case you are confused by this, the brief is in this post) which was frustrating as I only had a few days time slotted for this to be done. Another problem was at first I could not find a sink that worked… like a normal sink. The ones in the toilets were automated to switch from soap to water to blow ait every 30 seconds or so, this would not work for cleaning the rollers and pallet. As a result of this, I had to walk home after the first painting to clean everything which wasted about 30 minutes each time.

The Next day, I returned to my already painted piece and began painting over it. The problem here was once it already had paint on the wall, it became slippery and tire that i was using as a printing roller tool would not roll properly, thus not leaving the right track mark on the wall. it was difficult but was eventually completed.

Another problem was although it was scaled correctly, somehow, converting it to the wall proved ineffective and the paintings did not keep to scale.

There were other little nit-picking problems however they probably aren’t worth mentioning. There were however, a few friendly people who actually approached me while i was painted that questioned why i was creating the pieces and then proceed to expressing their fondness to what they saw which was encouraging. All in all, this project has been frustrating and awkward but worth the finished products.




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