Portfolio Interview

The Portfolio Interview is basically a way of practicing for a real interview if we were to have one for an artist role. Although it was going to be graded. This was only using the work we have created in the studio this year at its most current state. Which is frustrating as I wouldn’t want to use my current work if I was going to go to a real interview. On top of this, I am struggling with Studio work due to a few reasons.

I knew that this Interview was not going to be easy as it is not like a review where you can criticize your own work. for this it was about positivity and ‘loving’ your work. So for me, lying was the only option.

Interview Notes

The interview was held by Dr Jeremy Turner (our lecturer) and Matt Pendergast, a curator/ programme manager from Castlefield Gallery in Manchester. I felt the interview went alright, I feel like I was successful in talking positively about the work, I am glad that the interview was held by Jeremy as he has seen my work and knew that I was not enjoying it at all, so he would know how much effort I put into the interview. there was only one part that I was not happy about, which was where Matt asked me at the end about the artists that influenced my studio work. For reasons unknown, every single artist I have ever heard of, no longer existed. I forgot all their names which probably looked awful. Hopefully he will not have taken that into account and will be forgiving.


Update: The grade results were not as I would have liked but was not a bad grade really. 2:1 is not bad but it was a low 2:1.


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