Bake Sales Galore!

For our end of year exhibition we are all expected to sign up for groups that work towards it (advertisement, catalogue design, fundraising etc.) I decided I was probably most useful doing fundraising. To raise money for our exhibition, this year we have held a few bake sales, which have all been pretty successful. The only one that wavered was the one at the main campus, as our thoughts of it being more successful as main campus is typically busier were wrong as not everyone passed where the stall was set up, and we had a few problem of where we were allowed to set up (they evidently did not want us setting up anywhere on main campus as we were not from that campus.) they were very reluctant about us being there. As a result of this, we decided the rest were to be held in Kingsway.

What was great about this was the promotional material for it. We had the poster and that was sent to the University Instagram and asked to be shared by them. Later, it was on their site, which was great as they have 4,000+ followers and they were able to see this. So in terms of letting the whole student population of Chester know about the bake sale, I think this went great.

It was really encouraging to see the cakes sell so quickly each time and was really surprised but pleased to see the onesΒ I baked sell the fastest nearly each time.

I think for now, we have enough to have a little extra nice things for the exhibition such as free drinks for the viewers and extra funding for the catalogues.



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