Studio Update – Personal/Emotion

Unfortunately, work has come to a halt. Firstly, since the Interim I have been unsure about the direction that my work has been going in. I hit a wall with it, was not happy with it and wanted to change direction. Upon having a chat with our lecturer, he advised me to stick with it, as he felt it was strong work. However he advised me to talk to another lecturer (Steve Carrick – works with video) as he would be able to guide me in a better direction. Due to health issues, Steve was not able to see me for 2 weeks which set me back and I had to stop doing work for that time.

Once I had a talk with Steve I felt a lot better about the videos, I had a clear direction in which to go in and I was looking forward to creating my pieces. next came our week off and I went home to see family.

During that week, my Grandad who had not been very well in the past got taken into hospital. on the Saturday of last week (which was also his birthday) he sadly passed away. This week has been so emotionally draining as he went in to hospital on the Tuesday, so it has been the whole week from seeing him on the Wednesday and giving him his last birthday card and present. To singing him Happy Birthday at midnight on Saturday. This is the first time loosing someone close to me so it has been extremely difficult. I was close to my granddad and he supported my art right up until has final days.

“I thought you can use these in your art, for water cups or something?”

I am really not in the right frame of mind to do work at the moment.  I know that I have already wasted nearly 8 weeks and I will have to just power through but I’m sure, due to the nature of the work, I will be able to catch up.


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