Scott Duffey and Jonny Kimber

This Lecture was not something that advantaged me on a large scale as it was about Graphic Designing and Interface Designing which I have no knowledge on or interest about. As a result, I became very confused and could not get many notes on it. However, I found that I understood Scott Duffey more as his lecture was a bit more relatable to me.

Duffey is a Designer Illustrator. What I learnt most from him was that influences came in all areas of his life, not just his lecturers or tutors. It was the people he met along the way. He started off doing small jobs then worked his way up and through this made connections that allowed him to be known within his field. Beginning at ‘Horse’ a graphic design company in Liverpool he originally went to gigs and worked with photography. Then went onto Sphere Design which was where he got his first design job. After that he started working at The Listen Group.Β Then finally Toucan Tango which is where he continues to work. All along this journey he had made friends and even collaborated with a few. This has made me think that if you keep to yourself and not get involved with the work group, you can potentially miss out in opportunitiesΒ that could lead to bigger and better things.

It’s Good to take a break.

As for Jonny Kimber, the only information I got was that he spoke a lot about computer terms that I did not understand at all, I struggled to keep up and half way through, he repeated ‘Really easy stuff’ which made me feel very small as I understood nothing.




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