Promotional Material

With another sale on the website it has made me conscious of the different types of art that I do. the work that I create in the studio in University is contemporary, uses video  and photography in a way that some have expressed as ‘a moving painting’. This work is not about being aesthetically pleasing. it is about getting lost in another mysterious world and forgetting where you are. it is about the viewer being captivated by the work due to its slow moving tranquillity and it’s thought provoking ambiguity. Where as the work that is currently on the website is very commercialised and is more about, if I’m honest, selling the work. Personally I enjoy these pieces more for a few reasons;

  1. I enjoy the way watercolour paints bleed into each other.
  2. The outcome for me is more pleasing for the eye.
  3. The professionalism that reads off them is enjoyable to look at.

However I have started to see a correlation between the two. This is the flowing of liquids. The nature of liquids is a unique event as each time you use paint and liquids the outcome will always be different.

This has me thinking of a possible ‘re-vamp’ of my website. I would like to add my university work to my website especially in time for our exhibition, and it would be interesting for me to be able to have both types of work on there without feeling like they are separate standards.

Similarly to how my Art Instagram account is going. However the positive about having the Instagram account is that I can mention ‘one-offs’ that I do, such as handmade birthday cards and other commissions. Another positive to having this Instagram account is that I can hype people up about the exhibition and easily let other people know about it through ‘hashtagging’.

Screenshot (321)

I am thinking about other ways of having promotional material, such as Twitter and business cards. I am unsure about the benefits of having a Twitter account at the moment as it is not solely orientated on visuals. Business cards however would be very helpful away from having an online presence. I am just unsure about how I should get them created, whether doing them all myself would be more unique or having them done on something like Vistaprint would allow it to have a professional look to them, it would also be a lot easier for me as I am not great with technology.



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