Tattoos of Art

It is well known that the evolution of tattoos have caused them to become much more popular throughout recent years. They have become so popular that they are now classed as an art form. They take skill and precision and while fads come and go (small finger tattoos and watercolours seem to be most popular at the moment) one type I have recently seen, I have fallen in love with – Tattoos that are replicas or renditions of works of art. This may just be due to my love of art but no one can deny their beauty.

It was an article on Buzzfeed that caught my eye. 41 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Works Of Art.

Famous pieces depicted in the article include:

  • “War and Peace,” by Pablo Picasso,
  • “The Night Cafe,” by Vincent van Gogh
  • “The Kiss,” by Gustav Klimt
  • “The Elephants,” by Salvador Dalí
  • “Banana,” by Andy Warhol
  • “The Creation of Adam,” by Michelangelo
  • “Girl with a Red Balloon,” Banksy

The images alone are thought provoking. As an art form, tattoos have had a stigma linked to them, due to older generations. it was seen as a negative to have one. you were frowned upon and it was often difficult to get a job unless you could hide them. People were under the influence you were a dangerous person who destroyed your body.

Thankfully, these days people understand that you are just trying to express yourself. However, these tattoos take art to a whole new level, and it does help to cross over the link between art and tattoos, these could help break the stigma. This could be because they are referring to art pieces that are famous and have been around for a while, they are normalised by the positivity of art that it already has.

There is something fascinating about these tattoos. perhaps its the idea of something infamous etched onto somebodies skin, or perhaps it proposes the idea that it is probably their favourite piece of art, so for them they could be exposes a lot about them. whatever the reason, I have already started to wonder what piece I would love to have inked on my skin.




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