Interim Assessment

Last week we had what we know as our Interim Assessment, this is worth 15% of one of our modules, which could be perceived as something of little importance, however, that 15% could be the difference between getting 2:1 or 2:2. So preparation for this was taken seriously.

For this assessment we were asked to treat it as an exhibition, by means of clearing out the studio spaces of supporting work and mess, choosing your most successful pieces and displaying in the most fitting manner.

Setting up my work was not going to be easy, as it was not like I could just get a piece and pin it on the all. As mine is supposed to be an installation, I knew it would be trouble so I asked Maxine on what would be best and she said to just do almost like a section of it, as it would be too much of an effort to set it all up just for this. So as an idea, I decided to use the inside of the largest plinth I could find as this would replicate the darkness of a room my installation will hopefully be in. I then painted the inside of it black to make it even darker. After that I made a cushion to size, in order for it to fit behind the sheet that I was also installing (this was so the colours were more prominent and the cushion acts as a way of manipulating the projected video.)

I did have a lot of problems with setting up the projector itself. at first I wanted the small handheld projector as I thought it would work best for the small area that I was projecting onto, however, when I tested it I found that it was not strong enough. So I tried using a large projector but it could not connect with my laptop. Then I had to use a media player with a USB and it was all just a complicated mess. but it worked in the end.

The piece was not as I hoped. I was quite disappointed in it as it did not look as professional as I wanted. It was difficult to see the fact I had manipulated the projection and having it in a box restricted it from the surreal feeling it should have given on the viewer.

Screenshot (308)

Due to this I have started to have doubts about my current work. I am unsure if I want to carry on with it as I am not enjoying the, neither do I know where I want to go next with it, as nothing that I have dine so far is looking like I want it to. However, I have had a conversation with Jeremy and he has advised me strongly to carry on with my work as h feels it has a lot of potential. He has also asked me to talk to Steve first as he will be able to give me some good pointers about where to go next. Unfortunately he is off for a week and will not be able to see me for a while now.

So I feel like this has been put on hold, which is frustrating as I feel like I am loosing valuable time. Hopefully, it will not stay this way and I will be able to get back onto doing work, whether it be this current work or a different route.





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