What Next?

Thinking about the fact that after this year I will have to go ‘into the real world’ and be a responsible adult, terrifies me. I’ve gone through the process of getting a normal job, and working in places that I hated, those types of jobs just aren’t for me. This is why I am  even more determined to be a freelance/commission based artist. The perks of being a freelance/commission based artist is that I can manage my own time, this doesn’t mean I’m going to only do 2 hours of work and spend the rest watching day time tv. I can’t expect to have money to comfortable live off, from hardly working. however on the flip side, a lot of artists do not get a lot of money for what they do so you really just have to get out there, say yes to as much as you can and work hard.

After looking up some freelance/commission based artists, I have found that I am actually already heading in the right direction. One artist, Maria Ward said that how she started was through doing commissions for people she met along the way.

Upon returning to the UK I took up part time work and started working freelance as an artist, putting pictures in local galleries and gaining commissions from people I met whilst painting. I also studied for my certificate in education and started up a painting club which I have continued to run every Thursday evening from my house in Gurnard.

As I know that being a successful artist doesn’t happen overnight, I have set up a website to start selling pieces I have done and a contact page if in case someone wants a commission. I have put works in a shop to which they all sold and I have already done a few commissions from friends of friends, its great that I have already had a few successful sales.


Many artists have blogs alongside their websites as this is a way of updating without having to upload work every time. These blogs have to reflect your work. for example, this blogger only known as ‘Geninne’ is an illustrator, so she has created her blog to have her own illustrations all over it, in a way, its a form of self marketing. I am thankful for this blog as it has allowed me to look back and see how much work I have done this year.

I know freelancing or commissioning isn’t easy, but it is what I want to do. and after doing research on others who have taken the same path, I feel that it is achievable and I feel that I am already on the road to success.



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