Joe Magee -2/12/16

Our guest lecturer this week was Joe Magee.

Magee’s lecture was the most interesting lectures so far. He is probably the most successful lecturer too. Not only has he done over 700 illustrations for The Guardian Newspaper over the years, but he has continually worked with famous comedian Bill Bailey. ‘BILL BAILEY’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds’ was probably his most famous works. He digitalised Bailey’s illustrations and made his own, made promotional videos for TV and Social Networking sites such as Twitter, took photographs for the book and proposed the layout and design of the book to look like a scrapbook.

Page taken from ‘Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds’

Although he spoke a lot about this, the key information I took from this lecture is how much money you get from doing different jobs. Magazines will give you the least amount of money for a job such as illustration. Magee himself said that magazines are the best way to get into the business, from there you work your way up. next its marketing (posters, flyers etc.) then advertisements (billboards).


However something else Magee said was that the more money they pay you, the less you can express yourself and mess around with it, test it. So it all depends on what is more important to you, expressing yourself or the money it pays.

The only downside to Magee’s lecture was that it went on for what felt like too long. it was very interesting and exciting at first but after a while, it just felt like he was just flicking through countless amounts of images he has created just for the sake of filling in the time.

Entry from his ‘The Garden of Remembrance’ commissioned by ‘METAL’

Yes our lectures go on for an hour and 30 minutes but you can finish early and still be a successful lecturer. knowing when to stop would make a bigger impact on us students.





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