Negotiated practice meeting – Ken Prior

During one of our negotiated practice studio sessions, the car park manager of Cheshire West and Chester council, Ken Prior visited us for interviews to see what our ideas are for the car park.

In my interview, we mainly discussed the most effective ideas that I had so far. As I had a few ideas, I really wanted this interview to sort of guide me into the direction of one of them, as I was quite stuck on which was best for this project. However, I do not feel this was achieved. The interview was not as helpful as I had hoped as I showed Ken my ideas and there was not much of a clear indication as to what to do next.

All he said about the first idea that I had, the little wheels that produced a larger image was that it might not be a good idea if I haven’t got the money for all the wheels. Even with the concept ideas, although I thought they worked as they were almost like pop art and I was quite excited about them, he didn’t seem too excited t all which disappointed me a bit.

The next idea was the toy cars being used as a tool for painting. Ken said that although he liked the idea, the drawing was unrecognisable, which was undoubtable as other people couldn’t understand what it was either. So I could do these again just with better/ more understandable drawings.

Something that he and Jeremy both said that what might be fun was to get a tire from a car garage and just “live with it for a bit” have it around and experiment with it, they both even said that they would come with me and Jeremy said that he’d set it all up for me, and send out the email to us. But I still haven’t heard a thing from him.

At the end of the interview, I felt even more lost than before we started the interview, which is very worrying. I feel like at the moment I don’t really know where to go with the work. What I will have to do is carry on with experimenting and have to just go with what I feel is right without guidance, and hopefully, it will turn out well.



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