Weeping Window

Whilst visiting family at home, we took a trip to Caernarfon Castle to witness the ‘Weeping Window’ an extraordinary installation created by Paul Cummins, artist, and Tom Piper, designer. to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Admiring the poppies from afar, they were very surreal. There was an ongoing discussion surrounding me about what (if anything) the whole thing wasΒ supposed to represent. And I think the best idea I heard was the dragon’s claw. (although now, thinking back. it wasn’t about wales, it was about the war).

What strikes me most about the installation was the scale and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the whole thing. To an extent I think this was what the creators wanted to achieve, due to the fact it was supposed to make an impression on the viewer so that they could think and appreciate the soldiers that lost their lives in the war for us livingΒ a century later.

I will be using this as inspiration for both of my modules. Studio practice – the idea of making the viewer feel overwhelmed and making them say ‘wow’. That is what I want to achieve with my work. Negotiated practice – a repetition of something small to make something large, almost like a collage. So that you wouldn’t really know what it was until you go close to it.

This installation was well worth going to see (even if the weather didn’t like us that day)The Poppies were absolutely captivating, and such a wonderful way to celebrate the lives of the brave and fallen.



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