Studio Practice

The largest project we have going on this year is our studio practice project. This project is self directed and we are expected to do large quantities of work for it.

My project began with using UV paint and lights and Glow in the dark paint to try and capture quite graphically composed sculptures and paintings. However it has now moved onto using a overhead projector as a light box to create different phenomena and capturing them all through either video or photography or both.

Thinking about my work as a whole for this project, it has taken me a while to begin to understand why I wanted to create the work and what made me enjoy it so much. I realise now that it is very much about the viewer, and how they feel about it, how I want them to feel about it, and how I want them to think about it. The majority of my work now is elusive and difficult to understand to someone who doesn’t know how it is made, and I feel this is very important, to keep the illusion of it alive. I want the viewer to look at the work and wonder about it, make them think and (hopefully) think of it as something they go ‘wow’ to.

I want them to enjoy at, and in some way feel overwhelmed by it. So in this sense, I think scale is a huge part in the project.

At the moment however, the scale is not being thought of, as scale can change quite easily with this work at a later date through projection.

For this project, I have been looking at artists such as Charles Ross, Dan Flavin and Jim Campbell for inspiration for my own work.

Jim Campbell in particular as he works with materials that seem ordinary to create a phenomena that, if he hadn’t of put a video up of how he did it on his website, I would still be wondering how he did it. That sense of mysteriousness and illusion plays a major part in his work.jim-campbell-crop

With my own videos, (compared to my photography) there is a sense of emotional influence towards the viewer, I found that watching them back, some made my feel calm, some made me feel uncomfortable and some made me feel entranced, and this is what I am hoping to achieve. (see my latest video on my Instagram.)

My next steps, are to carry on experimenting as I feel this is turning into more of a science experiment. With the latest work I have began adding two elements to the water to see how they react with each other as well as the water, and I hope to carry on with this as I am only just touching on it.

This project, for me has become very exciting and I am keen to see how it expands and unfolds.



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