Negotiated Practice – Introduction

One of our modules for this year is Negotiated Practice.

Within this module, we are working in the car park just off Princess Street in Chester, through a commission based system. On the 11th of October we were introduced to this site by the Car Park Manager; Ken Prior. We were given a tour, and some information about the site and what happens there that could influence our projects.

Something that I picked up on during the tour is that there are 5 floors, each one painted with individual colours to help people remember where they are parked, however people still forget. due to this, I would like my work to be driven by the idea of helping people locate their cars.

So far I have two ideas on the go.

  1. I began thinking about the tools and materials for this project first as I felt creating work in a car park, I wanted something site related, and cars offer many tools and objects to use. Thinking for a short while about car parts let me to thinking about the wheels, and how could I use them (acting similarly to a roller) then the idea changed to toy car wheels as these are probably much easier to work with. From there, the developed into using the wheels like dots, make making, and spraying them with the corresponding colour to the floor of the car park, so that the full picture looks just like a one line drawing from far away, but up close, completely different.
  2. Thinking about the toy cars again, actually driving the cars through paint and then onto the walls, to create a sketchy, (again using a mark making theme) linear painting, using the corresponding colours.


This is the result of idea 2.

With both ideas, I experimented with 2 other ideas for content;

  1. Why do people park their cars there? To shop. What for? food, clothes, gifts, etc.. So I focussed on food as it is easily recognisable.
  2. Something else that is recognisable, is famous landmarks. From this I looked into doing skylines of recognisable landmarks, so that it would be a simple and effective way to remember where they parked. Also there is something humorous about thinking ‘I parked in New York.’.

Due to costs and budgets (more like a lack of budget) I am unsure whether the first idea is going to work. as just 50 of the little wheels cost around £4 and trust me, 50 of them don’t go a long way! Perhaps a better way to achieve it would be to make the wheels, using a mass production type system, perhaps using clay? Silicone moulds?

At the moment, I feel a bit lost with it, as there are so many routes to go down, I don’t really know where to start, or where its going to end up, whether it will be successful or not. Hopefully it wont stay like this for long.



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