Ioan Said – 18/11/16

Our guest lecturer for this Lecture was Ioan Said.

Said has been a photographer for 13 years, mainly commercial, ‘stock photography’. has a variety of work ‘If I find it interesting, I’ll do it.’

Screenshot (208).png
Ioan Said Photography website

Starting in sales, photography was not an important part of Said’s jobs. so began photography, self taught. Joined BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) in 2008. He now runs his own photography business and is part of another called Celynnen photography (based in Chester and Wrexham)



Screenshot (210).png
Celynnen Photography – A company Said is involved in


Don’t hide your work away, share it, don’t think somebody is going to steal it

Said spoke about the pro’s and con’s of professional photography


  • You come across interesting people
  • You discover yourself and sometimes are able to express yourself
  • People trust you to do it well


  • It is a massive responsibility
  • Can come out with a massive bill
  • There are loads of competition in the field of work

Something that Said spoke about stood out for me was the pricing strategies. Many freelance artists/photographers check out the competition and copy that or make theirs slightly cheaper, but there is no point doing this as you need to sell your own work for what suits your lifestyle. A better way to decide on pricing is to work out how much you pay to do the work (travel, equipment, models etc.)  and work out, how much money after that you need to live on, then from there you can price your work.

I feel Said’s lecture has been very interesting and is worth listening to by photographers and fine artists as what he says is relevant to both. His lecture has made me re-evaluate my own work (which I had began selling earlier in the year) as I have realised that what I am selling them for, does not produce enough profit for me to live on.

it is also valuable to me to listen to Said as recently I have began using photography and film in my studio work. due to this I am a lot more interested in photography, and am attempting It outside of my studies.



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