Professional Practise – 28/10/16

First off, sorry for this being late, still trying to get to grips with it all. I’ll honestly try harder to do this on time with future posts.

This session we have briefly covered two topics preparing for the exhibition; the Catalogues and fundraising. we also put our names down for the part we wanted for the degree show. I chose fundraising due to the fact I think it would be quite fun, I rather like challenges in terms of selling. (perhaps I should be on the Apprentice) so doing the fundraising would be good for me.

We went through some catalogues from past exhibitions and collected information about what worked within them and what didn’t. Some of the aspects that did work was;

  • an easy index to follow at the beginning
  • the structure of having the picture (the work) take up one page.
  • page with writing to be simple and no bright colours that overlap the writing.
  • thank you page (to the department and everyone who took part.

The aspects that didn’t work were;

  • pages that were too busy (design covering the writing)
  • not understanding the idea/design (last year’s 90°. suggesting there was 90 students displaying their work. but there was less than 90 in the catalogue)
  • catalogues that had a ring binder edge. Looked tacky and unprofessional.

In terms of the fundraising, we talked about the different ways we can raise the money. it should be something hat doesn’t take up a lot of time or money if we’re thinking in terms of a cake sale or any form of sale. so far, our ideas are;

  • bake sale
  • doing something in the Student Union building.
  • ‘Go Fund Me’ page
  • selling work
  • an events day

One of my favourite ideas was the bake sale as it could be really cost effective, even if this meant getting a cake mix from a store and making that, they are quick and easy (and also fool proof). I also like this idea of selling work, as they could go for quite a bit of money, however, it is just thinking of time, as we have a lot going on within the year and probably won’t have a lot of time to do the paintings. also we’ve got to think of the type of works people would want, depending on where we are trying to sell.

overall this session has got me more excited about what I will be doing for the degree show and more motivated, as before, I felt it was quite daunting, however it sounds quite enjoyable doing the fundraising.




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